As a Senior UX Consultant in Geneva, I have worked on numerous projects in the past years, including desktop, tablet and mobile applications, websites, mobile, responsive and e-commerce. Most recently, I have developed my expertise with luxury, watchmaking, information, private banking, state and medical industries.

For confidentiality reasons, a lot of my projects can't be featured on Internet.
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Among my most recent projects, I am especially proud of data visualization challenges for NGOs and international health organizations, with rich dashboards allowing real-time planning and adjustments to vaccination campaigns. I have also worked quite a lot with luxury watchmakers and jewellers to develop their strategy on new technologies, including iPad point of sales applications and e-commerce.

  • User testing

    I have organized and conducted user testings for several clients, at all stages of a digital project. After initial user observations and interviews, with workshops including card sorting for information architecture, I have gathered feedbacks from users on wireframes, designs and interactive prototypes, allowing to quickly validate propositions or adjust concepts. For applications, mobile or desktop, websites, e-commerce or Intranets: asking your users is always a good idea, and gives great insights.

  • e-commerce

    I have helped companies design and improve their e-commerce, from the first workshops to performance measure and optimization. Releasing an e-commerce website is only the beginning: intelligence tools like Google Analytics allow to test and measure all users' behaviors in order to identify conversion issues and improve user experience. I have worked on e-commerce with pioneer clients in their industries, from luxury to healthcare and information.

  • Data visualization

    Raw data can be very difficult to read, especially when we get to Big Data challenges. I have used data visualization concepts to help many companies make better use of their data, by representing it in a way it makes sense and can actually be a strategic support to decision-making. From trends to proportions, to evaluate or warn, data visualization is a powerful vision of analytical thinking.

  • Point of sales applications

    When some stores still work based on paper invoices and accounting, new technologies allow others to manage sales, after-sales and customer relationship from a digital device. I have worked on several iPad applications dedicated to point of sales management, allowing salespersons to invoice, advise customers and manage stocks, for clients in industries like luxury and healthcare.

  • Responsive websites

    Visitors now connect to your brand from various devices, including laptops, TVs, smartphones, tablets and even watches! A website has to be able to adapt to all these viewports and offer the same content to all visitors, whatever their device. I have designed multiple responsive websites, prioritizing contents to the user's device and specific needs according to the mobility situation.

"One project I worked on was awarded 1st Prize for Usability at the Meilleur du Web Awards in 2014."