As a Senior UX Consultant in Geneva, I have more than 12 years experience helping companies design and improve their digital products, including websites, ecommerce, digital factory and business applications for desktop, web and mobile environments.

For confidentiality reasons, a lot of my projects can't be featured on Internet.
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During the past few months, I have especially worked on long-term UX coaching for a medical group, a digital factory ecosystem for a luxury watchmaker and the digitalization of a grants application process for a NGO.

  • UX coaching & design thinking workshops

    Agility and design thinking give teams tools and a framework to push collaboration further in exciting and highly efficient ways.

    > UX training and coaching for a medical group
    > UX training for a luxury watchmaker
    > design thinking workshops for an international food and beverages brand

  • Mobile experiences

    Digital experiences exceed desktops, and now thrive on mobile devices, smatwatches and giant touch tables.

    > new mobile application for Couleur 3, a Swiss radio channel (rated 4.5 on the stores)
    > teachers' guide to the Olympic Museum in Lausanne (1st Prize for Usability at the MDW in 2014)
    > a digital ecosystem to help elder family members at home
    > a giant touch table experience for a luxury boutique

  • User research & testing

    At all phases of a digital experience design, asking users is always a good idea: curiosity has a great value when it comes to UX design.

    > international user testing of an ecommerce checkout for a major food and beverages brand
    > focus groups to improve a business web application for a luxury brand
    > guerilla user research at a fair for a NGO
    > personas and phone interviews for a NGO

  • Business applications

    Working on the front often gives a good opportunity to improve the workflows, understand business rules and design digital applications as a real help for daily tasks.

    > digitalization of the grants application process for a NGO
    > digital factory program for a luxury watchmaker
    > user interviews and workflow mapping for a NGO
    > improvements of a SAP job application cockpit and processes for a luxury brand

  • e-commerce

    A slight change in an ecommerce HCI can have major direct and measurable impacts on KPIs. Always a great field to experiment, compare and test.

    > user testing for an ecommerce checkout for an international food brand
    > analytics analysis and UX improvements for a luxury ecommerce
    > design of an ecommerce website for a luxury watchmaker
    > luxury ecommerce barometer
    > ecommerce design for Parc Astérix (+20% transactions)

"One project I worked on was awarded 1st Prize for Usability at the Meilleur du Web Awards in 2014."