I provide usability services in Geneva, Switzerland and France, from an audit to conversion optimization and full conception of websites and applications, including wireframes, clickable prototyping, user research and user testing. Each project is unique and each mandate is custom-built according to its specific needs, using bricks from the following categories. Discover the services I propose, and feel free to contact me for a free proposition based on your needs and objectives.

Quick fixs

Quick review based on Analytics and best practices, aiming to resolve main UX issues and pain-points.

Delivered: audit, recos with priority and feasibility score


Full conception of a new interface, including User research, interactive wireframes and specifications, etc.

Delivered: personas, wireframes, sitemap, use cases, testing, etc.


Complete review based on User testing, best practices and analytics: improvement of interface

Delivered: audit, recos with priority and feasibility score


Testing and analytics review focused on main conversion funnels: improve conversion rates!

Delivered: recurring audit, recos with priority and feasibility score


Learn more about users' context, needs, expectations and test ideas to better adjust.

Delivered: AB testing, online survey, test scenarios and conclusions


  • Design and dev brief
  • AMOA
  • Benchmark
  • etc.

Working on uer experience is an asset at all stages of a digital project, including websites, mobile and tablet applications, Intranets and e-commerce. From understanding the users’ needs and expectations in real situations to improving an existing interface and extending it to other devices, I focus on quality consultation and collaboration from users and stakeholders to deliver objective recommendations. My audits and observations reports include quotations and key facts and figures. I work with a wireframing software to produce interactive prototypes accessible online and password-protected.

  • Audit and heuristics

    How is your website performing? Is your application reaching strategic objectives? With user observations and analytics data, I help companies identify conversion issue and improve digital interfaces. A first audit based on heuristics can already help identify problems. My reports include conversion funnels, identification of issues and recommendation of improvements for testing.

  • User testing and workshops

    Did you know that testing a system with as little as 5 users helps identify 80% of the potential usability issues? At all stages of a project, I can help organize and conduct user workshops and testings, on-site at your company's or even remotely by webinar and screen-sharing. I build the interview protocol, and all sessions are recorded (voice and image if necessary) for further reference. My reports include quotations and video extracts.

  • Business Analysis

    An interface is only as good as the business rules were well understood. To start the project in the best possible conditions, I work with stakeholders and business owners to understand the flows, processes, interactions between users and objectives to make sure the system will find its best place in an existing and complex ecosystem. My work includes user interviews, workshops and observations on-site.

  • Luxury e-commerce UX barometer workshops

    Did you know online sales for luxury personal goods have grown by 27% between 2009 and 2014? e-commerce represents a broad range of opportunities and challenges for luxury brands. The luxury e-commerce UX Barometer benchmarks 32 brands to identify best practices and industry standards throughout the customer journey. A good start to design or improve user experience on your e-commerce!

  • Responsive and interactive wireframes

    Interactive wireframes help stakeholders and users react to an interface and provide feedbacks contextually to a realistic scenario and situation. Wireframes are also a great tool to communicate and illustrate requirements to the design and development teams, and a great support for RFPs and functional specifications. Working with Axure, I provide functional prototypes accessible on a dedicated URL or as HTML files.

  • Mobile and tablet conception

    Is your website responsive? Is the user experience optimized whatever the device? Contact me to design or improve the customer journey on your mobile and tablet projects, including responsive versions of an existing desktop interface, or design of a mobile native or hybrid application.

  • Intranet conception

    Collaboration, communication, information, documents sharing, one or two-ways communication... An Intranet can be and do a lot, but is very different from a company to another, and needs to be adapted to various objectives, usages, expectations, etc. I help teams define the scope for their Intranet and organize contents and functionalities contextually to all stakeholders and users, and in respect with the company's values.

"Testing an interface with as few as 5 users can help identify 80% of usability issues."