Did you know that working on user experience increases KPIs by 83%, on average? Adopting a user-centric approach, whether it is for an ambitious new product or to improve an existing application, is the right way to ensure user adoption, higher return on investment and minimize development and maintenance time. So, what can we accomplish together?


Understand and design workflows and user journeys

User research, personas, use cases, user journeys mapping


Experiment designs iteratively with clickable prototypes

Co-conception workshops, interactive wireframes, specifications


Collect the right data to identify pain-points and improvements

Analytics tracking and reports, user testing, online surveys


Adopt a long-term optimization strategy

Backlog coaching, quick fixs, AB testing


Test and adjust with real in-situation feedbacks from users

User tests, focus groups


Push your projects further with UX and digital coaching

UX training, workshops facilitation, AMOA

UX services in detail

My method of User Experience consulting is built upon 6 main categories of services, that can be assembled to create value for your specific project, product, team and technology.

  • Analysis

    User Research and Business Analysis to understand our users and the ecosystem they evolve in

    › Personas
    › Online Surveys
    › Focus groups
    › User journeys
    › Workflows
    › UML Use Cases and scenarios

  • Conception

    Information Architecture and prototyping to build our product

    › Sitemap
    › Card sorting
    › Co-conception workshops
    › Wireframes (Axure, Figma, etc.)
    › Interactive prototypes
    › Functional specifications

  • Conversion

    Collect and analyse tracking data to measure ROI

    › Analytics
    › Online surveys
    › Heatmaps
    › Google Tag Manager

  • Optimization

    Accompany a long-term product improvement strategy

    › UX/UI audit
    › Quick fixs
    › Backlog coaching

  • Testing

    Involve users' feedbacks all along the process

    › User tests
    › A/B testing

  • Coaching

    During the whole process, and for all previously mentioned services, I propose a UX coaching to transfer knowledge internally and make sure your team can follow-up and project themselves to work with the designed processes and tools on a long-term strategy.

Your project

What kind of project or product are you working on right now? There is a good chance UX services can add value to your conception or optimization process. In my experience, I often accompany clients on the following major categories:

  • Business applications

    User-centric approach for designing and improving professional digital tools, to reduce errors, limit training needs and maximize productivity

    › Workflow digitalization
    › Technology migration
    › Quick fixs or long-term improvements
    › Design System
    › Digital Factory
    › Usability and ergonomics strategy

  • Mobile applications

    Build creative and simple experiences following frameworks' and market good practices

    › Interactive prototype
    › User tests before market
    › Co-conception workshops
    › iOS, Android, hybrid, PWA
    › Responsive

  • Intranet

    Support knowledge management and communities with a user-centric approach to content structure and digital ecosystem configuration

    › Information Architecture
    › User flows and scenarios
    › Persona-based navigation
    › Sharepoint Modern experience

  • Omnichannel experiences (incl. eCommerce)

    Setup analytics tracking and study users' behaviors to propose relevant and exceptional experiences across all touchpoints

    › Websites
    › eCommerce
    › Newsletters
    › In-store digital experience
    › Chatbots

"Couleur 3 mobile app was shortlisted at Le Meilleur du Web (2017) in the mobile category."

A few use cases

Still curious about what UX can help you with in the particular context of your project? I have gathered a few stories below, that you could find inspiring (all examples are based on real-life cases I have worked on, but some elements have been modified for confidentiality reasons.)

Icons made by Freepik from

  • Sharepoint Modern experience

    "Marie has helped our team design a useful and creative experience for our Sharepoint portal and dashboards. Wireframes were a big plus to collect stakeholders' and users' feedbacks all along the process. It was a great experience to combine a user-centric, design thinking approach with our technical expertise."

    Sharepoint Intranet, Modern experience
    (2019-2020, inspired by 2 projects)

  • Mobile application, agile methodology

    "Our product team included 2 to 5 developers, iOS and Android, a designer as well as the PO and Scrum Master. UX was part of the 2-week sprints, helping refine requirements and illustrating ideas on prototypes. Wireframes were great to conduct guerilla-testing to quickly validate innovative ideas."

    Mobile native applications and PWAs
    (2017-2020, inspired by 3 projects)

  • UX Coaching, Web presence

    "UX is a pivot role in a Web team, helping to translate business needs in technical specifications. Marie was able to coach our team of developers, marketing and design to self-organize and focus on delivering value on a long-term Web program. User testing and various workshops helped us uncover some users' needs and expectations, sometimes disconstructing prior beliefs."

    Web presence
    (2016-2020, inspired by 2 projects)

"A new Sharepoint Modern template increased document-finding score +20% (2020.)"