Did you know that working on user experience increases KPIs by 83%, on average? Adopting a user-centric approach, whether it is for an ambitious new product or to improve an existing application, is the right way to ensure user adoption, higher return on investment and minimize development and maintenance time. So, what can I do for you?


Understand and design workflows and user journeys

User research, personas, use cases, user journeys mapping


Experiment designs iteratively with clickable prototypes

Co-conception workshops, interactive wireframes, specifications


Collect the right data to identify pain-points and improvements

Analytics tracking and reports, user testing, online surveys


Adopt a long-term optimization strategy

Backlog coaching, quick fixs, AB testing


Test and adjust with real in-situation feedbacks from users

User tests, focus groups


Push your projects further with UX and digital coaching

UX training, workshops facilitation, AMOA

I work with very different clients and projects, and adapt my methodology to the team, deadlines and budget. Even a few days can make a big difference in the end, and it is always best to know what users think before going live. If you are either a product owner looking to adopt a user-centric approach for a strategic project, or an IT manager looking to reduce maintenance and development time, let’s talk about what UX can do for you!

  • With who?

    I work with very different clients, from 2-3 persons startups to international brands, especially in the luxury, medical and health and banking and insurance industries.

    > from startups to corporations and NGOs
    > with the IT or marketing departements
    > SSII and agencies

  • For what types of projects?

    I work on various projects, including mobile and web applications, ecommerce websites, Intranets and business softwares.

    > design new experience or improve existing
    > business applications
    > websites

  • On which technologies?

    My portfolio includes websites and mobile applications, as well as more specific technologies like Sharepoint and SAP.

    > websites and web applications
    > mobile and touch applications
    > SAP, Sharepoint and others

  • When is it best to work on UX?

    It is best to involve UX since the very beginning of a project, but I have the appropriate set of methodologies and tools to jump in at any step of the project.

    > design a new experience or improve an existing one
    > from the very beginning
    > or at any moment during the project

  • How long does it take?

    It adapts to the project, deadlines and budget. For a new product we usually calculate 10% of development time, but even a few days can make a big difference in the end.

    > from a few days consulting
    > to accompanying teams on the long-term

"UX increases key performance indicators by 83% in average" (NNGroup, Usability ROI)