Usability consultant for 10 years, I currently work as a freelance UX specialist in Geneva (Switzerland), and am available for projects in Geneva, Lausanne and France.

I have worked with agencies in France, Canada, New Zealand and France, designing and improving applications and websites experience based on users’ needs and expectations. Among my specialties, I have worked a lot lately on e-commerce, mobile Point of sales applications and data visualization challenges, for luxury, NGOs and banking industries. I believe in user research, observations and testing, and interacting with stakeholders, designers and developers is a big part of my work.


Recently, I have worked a lot with the luxury industry, with international groups and family-owned luxury watchmakers and jewellers. As a UX in Geneva, I am also motivated by information, private banking and e-commerce projects. I work both on applications and websites, and have adopted the mobile-first approach (when applicable.)

  • Mobile apps

    There are more and more mobile users, and it has become a new paradigm for navigation and interface conception. The last year has brought great opportunity for me to work on mobile responsive websites as well as smartphone applications for iOS and Android. One of the apps I worked on was shortlisted at the Meilleur du Web awards.

  • User testing

    The best way to design a usable product is to learn to know its final users. Rather than making assumptions, I have experienced that user observations and interviews always give great insights to lead the conception phase. Testing propositions at several moments during the process allows to validate ideas and help make the right decisions. I have organized and lead user workshops, observations, interviews and testing for various clients and agencies, from France to Switzerland, the UK and Nigeria, and am used to remote user testing.

  • e-commerce

    e-commerce is one of the digital areas where user experience has the most direct impact on success. The better the user experience, the more conversions in the end! It is fascinating to test concepts and measure performance. Sometimes very simple improvements can have a huge impact on results. I have helped companies start and improve their e-commerce projects, in pioneer industries like luxury and healthcare.

  • Wireframing

    Tools like Axure, Omnigraffle or Visio are a chance to prototyping concepts and ideas before the development, and even before the design phase. On top of being a great way to gather stakeholders' feedbacks, it is also an opportunity to test first wireframes with selected users, in order to eliminate usability issues. I have worked on numerous interactive prototypes, including responsive.

  • Agile projects

    Gathering requirements and writing specifications does not mean waterfall projects. I believe in agility, and step-by-step implementation, allowing rich moments to gather feedbacks, test and adjust ideas. I am certified PSM1 by Scrum Alliance.

"One project I worked on was awarded 1st Prize for Usability at the Meilleur du Web Awards in 2014."


My studies first focused on the technical side, with multimedia and programming, with a DUT Services et Réseaux de Communication in Montbéliard, France. I was always motivated by how new technologies would change the information world, and complemented my studies with journalism, which later lead me to become a Multimedia Journalist for the Agence France Presse in London. I finished my studies at university with a Marketing Masters, giving me the most useful tools I use today as a UX in Geneva: statistics, benchmarks, user research, personas, etc.

  • Multimedia and programming

    Multimedia and programming

    I started university with a Bachelor's degree in Multimedia and Informatics. During this 2-years course, I discovered many aspects of a digital project, including user experience, design, programming, project management, etc. I developed projects with Director and Dreamweaver, coded in Java, Wap and C++ and designed my first interactive prototypes. I was even lucky to be taught about usability by Bastien and Scapin, well-known for their heuristics.

  • Marketing

    After information and communication, I finished university with a Master's degree in Marketing and Business communications. During this 1-year course, lead by Pierre-Louis Dubois, famous marketing teacher and researcher, I discovered market studies, surveys, samples and a lot of tools I use on a daily basis now as a UX consultant.

  • Project management

    My first experience was project management in a communication agency in Paris, France. I learned a lot being the link between business owners, creative and production teams, from understanding needs to writing a good brief and project kickoff, managing resources, budgets and deadlines... It gave me a good experience of gathering different profiles around a project, and anticipate all stakeholders' questions to assure quality.

  • Journalism

    When I started studying new technologies, I was preparing for the changes they would have on information and communication. Amateur journalism at a local newspaper since I was 16, I completed my Bachelor's degree with a training period at the Agence France Presse in London, as a Web Journalist. It was a great way to learn how to prepare and improve information for Internet, and to train for user interviews.

  • International experience

    I was born and studied in France, but I have travelled and worked in several countries, including the United Kingdom, Canada, Switzerland and New-Zealand. As a freelance, I work with clients from San Francisco to Wellington, and communicate with users and stakeholders from Nigeria to Pakistan.


"I completed Scott Klemmer's (University of Michigan) Human-Computer Interaction course on Coursera."

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11 years experience, international

background in France, Canada, New Zealand and Switzerland

Business apps for iPad & mobile

apps and responsive websites specialization in the last years for luxury, state, medical & banking