Beta-testing the new Axure 8

Published on the 14 août 2015

It has just been announced on twitter: Axure 8 is now available as a Beta version (download it here: Pretty exciting to test the new features this version has to offer. I am just downloading it as I write, but thought I would highlight some improvements that caught my eye on the release note:

  1. It is now possible to add interactions on a group of widgets, instead of copying/pasting it on each of them individually.
  2. There is a new Pen tool, apparently allowing to draw your own widgets.
  3. There are connectors on all shapes, and not just Flow ones.
  4. A new Rotate action has been created.
  5. You can now set boundaries for the Move action.
  6. And teams can host their project directly on Axshare.

This all looks like very good improvements, and I am looking foward to testing all that and working with the new tools. Thanks to all the Axure team for their effort, and keep on the good work!

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