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15 tips to make your international online workshop a success

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I believe collective intelligence represents a huge power for changing the world and transforming organizations. Working for an international structure, most of the workshops I have facilitated lately have been online and international, which adds up to the complexity of organizing a successful and insightful working session. Taking a step back, here are, in a totally random order, my 15 key tips to make your international online workshop a success.


Compress images in Visio

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This morning, I realized my Visio wireframe was taking longer and longer to save. Totally out of curiosity, and because I figured there may be a way to get more efficient savings, I thought about investigating on this. The marvellous thing with Internet is that it didn’t take me long, thanks to Visio guy: apparently confronted to the same issue, they ran a few tests about what Visio does with images.