Blog: Luxury

Luxury and user experience: how to make a luxury digital experience as unique as it can be in stores?

Crea Luxury Day

Crea Geneva and Inseec were organizing a big conference day on luxury this 15th September, and I had the chance of being one of the guests. Among the speakers was Jean-Noël Kapferer, a famous French professor and researcher on media and luxury. His books were part of my preparation for exams, and I was feeling lucky to meet him in person. The event was held at the Fédération des Entreprises Romandes in Geneva. Entering the conference room, guests were offered a nice Caran d’Ache pen in a custom box, giving it already a luxury twist (many thanks to the organizers for that!)


Crea Digital Day

The Crea Digital Day took place yesterday at the Fondation des Entreprises de Suisse Romande in Geneva (Switzerland.) Co-organized and brought to digital professionals for free by Crea school, eMakina and Bilan magazine, this one-day conference featured speakers from Instagram, Tesla, The Audience and Terre des Hommes. If a few speeches turned out having very little to bring to the conversation about digital, or even one or two being plain advertising for a product or a service, we had the chance to attend a few passionating sessions, with charismatic speakers.