Summer sales on Internet: 2012 figures

Published on the 6 July 2012

Summer sales are an important moment for retailers. What influence do they have on Internet? What kind of behavior can an e-retailer expect from its users? Here is a very interesting diagram by ifop and, with a few figures on consumers’ special behaviors and expectations during Summer sales in France.

Among other conclusions, I was attracted by the following figures:

  • 61% women expect the sales, and they are ready to buy on Internet, whereas men use Internet mostly to prepare their shopping.
  • Out of 38 million Internauts in France, 20 million have taken advantage of the Summer sales.
  • Clothes are mainly what users come to buy during the Sales.
  • Users mainly (75%) buy on their personal computer, but 21% buy on mobile, and 13% on tablet.
  • During Sales, e-shoppers choose Internet mostly for: attractive prices, avoiding crowds and being able to shop from their home.