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Marie Kuter awards, publications and certifications for her work on UX design

Google Digital Active certified

Google Digital Active certification - Marie Kuter

I have just received my Google Digital Active certification. The Mountain View company has recently launched this new training and certification platform. Dedicated to small business owners, it covers 23 themes on Internet, like Search Engine Optimization, display ads, e-commerce, organic search, social media, etc. It is actually quite interesting and helped me get to know better a few fields I don’t directly work on, like social media or paid search. I was especially interested in the e-commerce and international aspects of the training. It is also a very good resource to send to smaller clients who can’t afford to pay a specialized agency for everything, and help them focus on their strategy first.


First prize for User Experience at Le Meilleur du Web

A project I have worked on as a UX at blue-infinity was recently awarded first prize for User Experience at Le Meilleur du Web awards in Geneva (Switzerland.) The project was a tablet application for the Olympic Museum in Lausanne. Dedicated to school teachers, it aims at helping them organize and animate the visit for their students. The application was awarded for ease-of-use, intuitive navigation, service design and quality of the final product. Congratulations to the whole team! Since 2011, Le Meilleur du Web highlights digital expertise and encourages excellence in technologies in Swiss Romande. It was founded by Cominmag, ICT Journal, Facebook and Breew, and in partnership with Best of Swiss Web.

HCI certification

This summer I attended Scott Klemmer’s (University of San Diego, California) Human-Computer Interaction Class on Coursera is one of these new Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) website, where students from around the world can attend classes given by prestigious lecturers and universities, for free. I love the concept, and was happy to take this class. After 10 weeks of lectures and assignments, I was awarded a Statement of Accomplishment. A good way of learning furthermore!


Edwards app featured at Salesforce event in Lausanne

An iPad application I have had the chance to work on was recently featured during blue-infinity / Salesforce event in Lausanne. The conference was about Improving efficiency of Sales, Customer Service and Marketing, and took place at the Starling Hotel yesterday. As a mobile POS iPad application, this application supports sales associates (who are also trainers in this specific context) follow-up their portfolio, plan and report activities. I have worked quite a bit on this kind of applications lately, helping companies have a better and more reactive knowledge of their customers and offering them a better experience.


Publication in ICT Magazine: Accessibility

As a Senior UX Consultant at blue-infinity, I had the chance to be published in ICT Magazine (November 2013 issue) with my contribution to a dossier about Web Accessibility. The dossier gave the context of accessibility (history, legal) and aimed to give wider opportunities with most recent trends and evolutions (like responsive web design for example.) I was in charge of the background article, on the legal and history context in France and Switzerland.

Professional Scrum Master I

After a few lessons by a co-worker at blue-infinity and taking the online exam on, I am now certified Professional Scrum Master I. Scrum is an agile project management framework, with a set of rules, tools and events for managing software development projects. It is an incremental (the project is built brick after brick, team focusing on sprints with a limited amount of functions to develop) and iterative (each sprint’s group of developed elements gathers feedbacks, then is improved.) The best way to get going is to get started: this method allows to build a project little by little, detailing it as needed, rather than having everything specified from the start.

→ All resources are available on, and an Open assessment is available on website as well.