Google Digital Active

Published on the 1 October 2016

Among the billions tools Google develop and open to the public, they have recently launched Google Digital Active. Dedicated to small business owners, this training gives an overview of main new technologies challenges, like Search Engine Marketing, social networks, organic search and search engine optimization, as well as analytics and conversion. I am afraid there is no topic about user experience or usability, but they do talk about content, writing for the Web and optimization for conversion. As for me, I was really interested by some other domains (I’m a UX specialist) that I know less about.

In a few minutes, each video (they are even available in several languages) introduces a new subject. Each lesson ends with a quiz test, and students can earn badges. It turns out this certification is also proposed to students in universities. I recommend taking the classes to everyone, out of curiosity for all the digital fields out there. There is always something new and promising to learn. Oh, and yes, it’s free.


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