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Trad-19 : le traducteur de poche Covid-19

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Trad-19 : traducteur de poche Covid-19

L’application Web Trad-19, disponible sur mobile, propose des traductions et illustrations visuelles du vocabulaire lié au diagnostic Covid-19, dans le but de faciliter la communication entre professionnels de la santé et patients.


Edwards app featured at Salesforce event in Lausanne

An iPad application I have had the chance to work on was recently featured during blue-infinity / Salesforce event in Lausanne. The conference was about Improving efficiency of Sales, Customer Service and Marketing, and took place at the Starling Hotel yesterday. As a mobile POS iPad application, this application supports sales associates (who are also trainers in this specific context) follow-up their portfolio, plan and report activities. I have worked quite a bit on this kind of applications lately, helping companies have a better and more reactive knowledge of their customers and offering them a better experience.


Mobile Swiss Expo Geneva: Clio on iPad apps for companies

Last week, I had the chance to be invited to the Mobile Swiss Expo at Palexpo Geneva. Among other conferences gathering local IT companies, I listened to Clio (a Geneva-based company developing softwares and applications)’s Head of Mobile Solutions, Yohann Pelé, present their learnings about iPad applications for companies. A presentation of their products, cDocs and cForm, was a good opportunity to learn more about clients’ needs, expectations and history with mobile business solutions. The conference was mostly about document sharing and interactive processes, which I have also found a recurrent request from clients.


Trying on clothes online: Camaieu

Buying clothes online can sometimes be a hassle: how to know if this rock fits with this shirt? What is the length of this dress, will it fit me? Well, well, the ultimate solution is of course to get to the shop and try them on. But we’re in the 21st century, after all: wouldn’t there be a solution for our online shopping? Summer is the wedding time, and, how they said in this Indian ad on TV, I am not (at all) ready for it. So I started browsing online clothing shops for a dress. And I was happy to find one of these trying-on-clothes application on Camaieu website. The application is very simple, and accessible for every item in the catalog. Quite impressive: you can actually try every combination possible. Even what does not fit together, just for fun.


iPhone First Aid app: 900 downloads

Quebec Amerique First Aid application for iPhone was the first mobile application I ever worked on. The application was released on the Apple Store a few months ago, and it is considered a success as it has been downloaded more than 900 times since then. This project was a good occasion to start thinking about mobile Usability and information architecture, and build wireframes, use cases, flowchart and scenario. Not bad, for a start, I’d say!